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The subpoena process is complex and can take time and effort. Why do it yourself when you can get fast, reliable subpoena service when you need it. We offer rush service (often same day!). Leave the details to us. When you need a subpoena fast, contact Network Subpoena.

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Trust Network Subpoena for U.S. Subpoena Deliveries

If you’re mired in the middle of a legal battle, there’s a possibility that you may need crucial testimony
or information from a person or organization in order to win your case. Why trust just anyone when to
serve your paperwork? This is a very delicate process and is best left to the professionals.

Network Subpoena is the most trusted legal document delivery service in the country. We have experienced process servers stationed around the nation – so we can accommodate you no matter where you need a subpoena delivered.

We also provide all of our clients with a proof of service or an affidavit of due diligence depending on the circumstances. We assure you if we are unable to serve your paperwork, an affidavit of due diligence will be provided that outlines all efforts and attempts at effectuating service and the reason why it could not be effectuated.

Don’t Rely on Just Anyone for Process Service

There are countless reasons why you may need to have someone served with a legal document. Perhaps you’re involved in a child support dispute and need official proof of income; maybe you need testimony from a key witness who is reluctant to speak; you may need to compel a person or organization to provide important documents or information.

Whatever your reason, don’t make the mistake of asking friends or family to deliver a subpoena if you want to ensure it is done correctly. Here are some of the numerous reasons why you’re better off working with Network Subpoena.

  • We can locate whoever you’re looking for: A subpoena must be served in person or given to another adult at an individual’s place of residence, depending on the rules of court. We know how to find who you’re looking for.
  • Experience working with uncooperative people: It would be great if everyone was nice to the messenger, but the fact is delivering subpoenas can be dangerous if you’re working with an uncooperative person. Don’t put your friends or family members in unsafe situations.
  • Fast and easy: You have a million things going on in your life – no need to burden yourself with more. Just contact Interstate Process Serving and we will take care of the rest.
  • We abide by the laws: Every state has its own nuances in the laws regarding serving a subpoena. Rather than doing exhaustive research to make sure you are doing everything correctly, trust the experience at Network Subpoena to get the job done right.

Contact Network Subpoena for National Process Service

If you’ve had to request a subpoena be issued for evidence, witness testimony, documents, information or anything else; it’s likely very important to the outcome of your legal matter. Don’t trust this delicate transaction to just anyone. Our experienced subpoena servers are standing by waiting to help you. Contact us today to schedule a subpoena delivery anywhere in the U.S.

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